In this expert interview, I brought him Douglas James who runs a successful agency and teaching company on how to generate online leads with paid advertising. Timestamped Show Notes: [10:49] Phone Sales Generation System [13:30] Example Landing Page [15:40] Video Ads [22:44] Youtube Ad Campaigns [28:02] Building Your Audience To Show The Ads To [34:50] […]

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Timestamped Show Notes: [1:43] Starting A Business [9:22] Choosing What To Go All In On [15:23] Marketing Strategies¬† [18:00] Building Desire For Your Product [25:25] Building Rapport [32:38] Leveraging Opportunities [38:26] Getting People To Close [48:18] Advice On Brick And Mortar¬† [51:43] Having A Successful Sales Call Takeaways: Whatever your doing in secret can benefit […]

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