Harmony Unleashed Legacy, Forgiveness, Spiritual Growth Symposium – Scott Donnell


The concept of “calling” and its impact on mental health.

Finding one’s unique calling through self-reflection.

Identifying world-class skills and addressing global needs.

Connecting love, skills, and needs.

Finding one’s calling and legacy through self-reflection.

Family legacy, entitlement, and victimhood.

Teaching children about money management and identity.

Money trauma and its impact on identity and faith.

Creating value in life through material, emotional, and spiritual means.

Parenting strategies and personal development.

Teaching kids about money management and entrepreneurship.

Teaching children financial responsibility and independence.

Teaching children about money management and preserving wealth.

Passing down family values through storytelling.

Family legacy and success strategies.

Education, skills, and career development.

Teaching children about money management and entrepreneurship.

Alternative education options for a high-energy, creative child.

Mindset shifts for dyslexic child’s success.

Personal finance and parenting.

Hiring and evaluating employees.

The power of children’s intuition and its impact on the future of technology and finance.

Prioritizing family time and intentional parenting.

Healing, protection, and creativity.





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