How to Create Gods Business – Josiah Grimes


Successful entrepreneurs shared their experiences and insights on navigating the intersection of business and faith. Speaker 1 emphasized the importance of letting go of emotional attachments and embracing God’s plan, while Speaker 2 discussed overcoming pride and taking on uncomfortable tasks to address business gaps. Speaker 3 highlighted the value of community support in navigating entrepreneurship challenges, and Speaker 4 discussed the impact of a supportive community in helping them overcome self-doubt and achieve financial success. Speaker 5 emphasized the importance of aligning faith and action in business, particularly in the context of coaching sessions, and shared personal experiences of giving to various causes. They also discussed the significance of making informed judgment calls in business through data-driven decision-making and shared insights on scaling a business, including the optimal number of direct reports for a sales manager and the importance of considering competencies when making hiring decisions.


Business growth and spirituality.


Entrepreneurship journey with ups and downs.


Overcoming self-doubt and business success.


Real estate and faith with industry leader Josiah Grimes.


Business and Christianity with a humorous start.

Business strategy and spiritual growth for Christians in the workplace.

Incorporating prayer into work meetings.

Implementing a chaplain program in a company.

Using business to bring people to Jesus.

Sharing the gospel and discipleship in a business setting.


Giving glory to God through charitable acts.


Biblical principles for financial success and generosity.


Using business skills for Kingdom work.


Data-driven decision making and entrepreneurship.


Company competencies and employee evaluation.

Freeing debt slaves in South Asia.

Integrating Christian values in business partnerships.


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