Live Coaching to Scale Your Business – Brandon Poulin


Brandon Poulin shares his remarkable journey from network marketing success to spiritual emptiness and eventual salvation, emphasizing the intertwining of faith and business. Facing unexpected setbacks, Poulin credits God for his triumphs and narrates the pivotal moment of selling his business after divine guidance. The mastermind explores Poulin’s personal transformation and business growth, highlighting the crucial role of obedience and vision in achieving success. The session features engaging discussions on various topics, including financial planning, real estate investing, scaling a coaching business, and content creation strategies. It culminates in a powerful moment of prayer, emphasizing obedience, vision, faith, and peace in marriage and business.


Entrepreneurship, faith, and personal growth.

Faith, business, and unexpected setbacks.

Personal transformation and business growth.

Obedience and vision in business.

Business growth and obedience to God.

Brand awareness and podcast appearances for a book writing business.

Scaling a business through team growth and referral programs.

Financial planning and investment strategies.

Delegating tasks and building a team in a business.

Starting and growing a woodworking business with Jesus at the center.

Marketing strategies for a handmade product business.

Sales strategies for a furniture business.

Real estate investing and scaling with a small team.

Scaling property management and acquisitions.

Real estate investing and growing a business.

YouTube channel growth and finding overgrown yards.

Content creation and monetization strategies.

Content creation and monetization strategies for social media influencers.

Scaling a coaching business through podcasting and email marketing.

Scaling a business through media buying and personal development.

Marketing strategies for a digital product launch.

Growing a crafting business through live streaming.

Business growth and profitability.

Burnout and business model for a brilliant entrepreneur.

Obedience, vision, faith, and peace in marriage and business.

Obedience and support among friends.

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