The Power of The Holy Spirit: Fuastin Malu

Pastor and Missionary Faustin Malu shares his testimony and the power of the holy spirit. He humbly acknowledges his modest beginnings and attributes his remarkable journey to the unmerited favor of God. Faustin emphasizes the significance of aligning one’s life with the truths found in the Word of God, sharing his aspiration to share personal experiences and stories that validate the power of biblical principles. Despite his own feelings of inadequacy, he seeks to faithfully listen to God’s guidance and obediently carry out His will. Faustin briefly reflects on his upbringing, highlighting the profound impact of his father’s unwavering faith and his relentless optimism in the face of poverty.
[02;05] Self Introduction
[04;06] A Journey of Unexpected Surprises and Openness to God’s Abundance
[07;56] Unleashing the Spiritual Potential: Rediscovering the Original Plan
[11;12] From Darkness to Craving the Spiritual: Battling Influences and Mastering the Supernatural
[13;18] Mastering the Spiritual: Gaining the Upper Hand in Every Sphere
[16;18] Experiencing the Power: Miracles and Missionary Journeys
[19;27] Unleashing the Power Within: Overcoming Temptation and Embracing God’s Abundance
[24;26] Guiding Principles for Spiritual Battle and Future Direction
[28;00] The Empowering Presence: Engaging the Holy Spirit for Spiritual Victory
[31;20] Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit: Stirring Up Potential and Empowerment

In this talk, the speaker takes the audience on a journey of personal growth and spiritual discovery. They emphasize the importance of remaining open to God’s abundance and surprises in life, while also unleashing one’s spiritual potential. The speaker shares their experiences of battling negative influences, mastering the supernatural, and witnessing miracles. They highlight the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit and provide guiding principles for spiritual warfare and future direction. Ultimately, the speaker encourages the audience to stir up the power within themselves, tap into the Holy Spirit’s potential, and embrace a life of spiritual empowerment and victory.

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