Youtube Growth Hacks: Taylan Michael

The King’s Brotherhood Weekly Meeting


  • How to become an expert in your field. 0:00

    • The first step to becoming an expert.

    • Identifying your assignment in life.

  • The importance of vision. 2:30

    • Vision is the core of a solid mindset.

    • Make it plain and write it.

  • Learn how to package content. 4:26

    • Learn how to package content.

    • The number one mistake people make when creating viral content.

    • The viral video framework.

    • The double down strategy, double down on what’s working.

  • How do you measure pop off? 10:22

    • The second strategy, double down on what’s already working.

    • How to create viral content.

  • How to increase your click through rate. 13:17

    • Metrics, click-through rate and watch-time.

    • How to increase click- through rate.

    • Three keys to bigger biceps.

    • How youtube algorithm works with social media.

  • How important is it to be recent? 18:57

    • Going viral on the internet is a snowball effect.

    • How recent a video needs to be.

  • How to have a high watch time. 20:52

    • High click-through rate and high watch time.

    • Three categories of youtube content.

    • Adding a second hook halfway through the video.

    • Having a clear, concise call to action.

  • What’s taking now. 26:31

    • Million subscribers in less than a year.

    • Where to find good titles and keywords.

  • How to add a hook to a short video. 29:19

    • How to add a hook to a short video.

    • Using thumbnails on Tiktok.

    • Talking about your business 10x with a big 10x.

    • How Taylor creates his videos.

    • How youtube is helping people grow their businesses.

    • Shorts vs long-form content.

  • How to build your audience on instagram. 36:09

    • Starting with what is already working on instagram.

    • Treating instagram as a business card.

    • Call to action on instagram. Call to action.

    • How Taylor created her instagram account.

  • Do you ever do collaborations with other youtube creators? 39:13

    • YouTube says email is too new for Jeremy.

    • Collaborations with other grads.

    • Using public endorsements for social proof and credibility.

    • Paid ads for youtube channel growth.

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