The Annual Planning Masterplan – Brandon Poulin


  • Business planning and faith. 0:00
    • Brandon shares his engagement story and how he feels blessed by God’s presence in his life.
    • The group prays for blessings and wisdom for the speaker, Brandon, and for the meeting.
    • Brandon mentions the importance of having a vision and making it plain for others to see and follow.
    • The group discusses the connection between faith, health, and business.
    • Brandon shares his experience of building a fast-growing company without sacrificing his faith and family.
    • The group emphasizes the importance of daily actions towards achieving goals and visions.
    • The meeting ends with a prayer for blessings and wisdom for all involved.
  • Planning and abundance in business and life. 9:11
    • John wants his audience to have life abundantly, as he believes they can have it all.
    • John shared verses from the Bible, such as John 10:10 and Luke 14:28, to emphasize the importance of planning and counting the cost before starting something new.
    • Despite feeling unwell and unable to attend an event, John’s pregnant wife stepped in and ran the retreat successfully, showing the importance of flexibility and teamwork in achieving goals.
  • Planning and goal setting for personal and business life. 13:15
    • Unknown Speaker discusses planning and how it’s important to have a plan for one’s life.
    • The speaker shares how they’ve been doing versions of this for 12 years and it’s evolved into three areas: strategic business plan, personal life map, and a sheet with slides and workbook.
    • The speaker plans to give the audience the slides, workbook, and sheet to complete.
    • The speaker mentions that they usually don’t do this early, but they want to do it today to give the audience a taste of it.
    • The speaker believes it’s important to have a plan for one’s life to understand what will take and to have abundant life.
    • The speaker encourages the audience to do their part and have faith to get them to their goals.
    • The speaker will give the audience the first section of the strategic business plan to start with.
  • Business successes and challenges. 21:59
    • The CEO of Allied Development, Nicholas, wants to focus on what went well in his business this year and create a shortlist of accomplishments.
    • Nicholas will do this while listening to music and wants the others to join in mentally, creating their own list of what went well.
  • Business successes and failures. 24:50
    • JJ shares his accomplishments for the year, including starting a new business, hiring employees, and increasing revenue.
    • Errol discusses what didn’t go well, including running out of funding for a startup, having too many focuses, and spending too much time negotiating costs.
    • Caleb shares his key learnings, including the importance of focusing on one niche and setting boundaries with clients.
  • Business planning and personal life mapping. 32:24
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their business journey, sharing insights on what worked well (doubling down on successful strategies) and what didn’t (properly tracking ad spend).
    • The speaker provides a personal life map template to help participants evaluate their business’s scalability, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for growth.
  • Setting goals and priorities for personal and professional growth. 35:30
    • Unknown Speaker: Set clear goals in life areas (spiritual, marriage, wealth, personal, health, and children) to have abundant life.
    • Unknown Speaker: Write down ultimate goals in each area, like daily communication and relationship with God, strengthening marriage, and wealth goal.
    • Unknown Speaker: Use the lighthouse thought to guide and meditate on what God wants in each area.
    • Unknown Speaker: Identify three habits to execute on to achieve each goal.
    • Unknown Speaker: Fill out the spreadsheet with your own goals and do it with your spouse for better clarity and accountability.
    • Unknown Speaker: Be vulnerable and share your goals with others to hold yourself accountable and receive support.
  • Personal growth and family relationships. 45:35
    • Jerry wants to find joy each day and enjoy the journey, but struggled with not having a joyful year.
    • Jerry wants to be more supportive of his wife’s goals, rather than coaching her.
    • Jerry wants to spend more quality time with each of his children individually, and reduce his anger.
  • Personal growth and financial planning. 52:21
    • Unknown Speaker shares their financial goals for the year, including increasing nearness to God and creating a financial legacy for their children.
    • The speaker created a tool called the “wealth compass” to track and measure their financial progress.
    • The compass includes components such as active profits, liquid net worth, lifestyle costs, investment returns, and debt.
    • The speaker encourages the group to take the time to complete the financial legacy exercise, which involves identifying their greatest financial worry, what financial success means to them, and where they want to be in their personal finances in the future.
    • The speaker believes that having clarity on these issues will lead to a greater outcome in their financial journey.
    • The group is encouraged to commit to executing the financial legacy exercise and using the wealth compass to track their progress.
  • Planning and goal setting for personal and business success. 1:01:00
    • Brandon shares his process for planning his year, including setting goals and creating a framework for success.
    • He emphasizes the importance of taking the time to plan and execute, rather than just executing without a plan.
    • Brandon provides a detailed overview of his planning process, including templates and slides.
    • He encourages the audience to take the time to plan their own year, and to commit to executing their goals.
    • Brandon thanks the audience for their time and shares his appreciation for the King’s Brotherhood community.
    • He concludes by expressing his excitement to work with the audience and help them achieve their goals.
  • Click here to get all the Google sheets to fill out MasterPlan Retreat 2023 – MAP

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