Faith Driven Business Breakthroughs – Nicholas Bayerle


The event brings Christian businessmen together for connection, collaboration, and growth. The emphasis is on the power of words in shaping one’s life and the importance of speaking solutions instead of complaining. Transforming weaknesses is encouraged by laying them at the cross for God’s transformative power. Attendees from various business sectors share their missions, focused on goals like furthering God’s Kingdom and empowering people.

Introduction – 0:00

  • The event brings Christian businessmen together for connection, collaboration, and growth

The Power of Our Words – 0:57 

  • Our words set the path and direction for our lives

  • Speak solutions instead of complaining

Transforming Weaknesses – 2:36

  • Lay weaknesses at the cross to be transformed by God’s power

Attendee Introductions & Business Missions – 3:43

  • Attendees share their business missions and impact goals

  • Businesses in marketing, real estate, financial services, construction, e-commerce, ministry organizations and more

  • Goals include furthering God’s Kingdom, empowering people financially, strengthening marriages and more

Closing in Worship and Prayer 23:15

  • The group invites the Holy Spirit into their midst

  • Unified worship and prayer as businessmen


Key Takeaways:

  1. Use business as a platform for Kingdom impact.
  2. Step outside your comfort zone for spiritual breakthroughs.
  3. Rely on God’s supernatural power, not just empty talk.
  4. Our words set the course – speak life and solutions.
  5. Lay weaknesses at the cross for transformation.

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