How To Scale Smart – Brandon Poulin


The talk covers principles for scaling a business. 

Brandon emphasizes trusting God, not your willpower. 

He shares 7 laws:

1. Delegate activities to avoid becoming a bottleneck

2. Implement systems and processes to prevent breakdown

3. Understand your financial metrics to fuel smart growth

4. Anticipate and reinforce weak functions

5. Simplify rather than add unnecessary complexity

6. Be aware of legal, compliance, and other risks

7. Build a strong team with the right competence and experience

Brandon shares initial takeaways – 0:00

  • Brandon felt like he was falling down a ladder in recent months.

  • He started to wonder if he had an addiction to pain and challenges.

  • Coming to the event helped refocus him on his commitments and trusting God.

Corey shares his struggles – 0:15 

  • Corey has been going through a difficult time recently.

  • He started to feel like he didn’t have what it takes.

  • Being at the event and having the group’s support has encouraged him.

JJ shares about everyone having a story – 1:16 

  • We all have a testimony or story of overcoming challenges.

  • JJ shares about his son’s cancer journey and the group’s prayers.

  • Our stories help build connection and community.

Cody’s key takeaway – 2:28

  • Putting the Holy Spirit first has created a supernatural environment.

  • This is unlike regular business meetings.

  • His takeaway is the power of community and shared experiences.

Brandon starts his business talk – 3:39

  • Brandon shares 7 unavoidable laws of scaling a business

Law 1: Elevate Activities (15:29)

  • As you grow, delegate and elevate your core activities

  • This frees up your time and prevents you from becoming a bottleneck

Law 2: Create Systems (37:10)

  • Implement systems and processes as you scale

  • This prevents breakdown as things speed up with growth

Law 3: Know the Math (47:56)

  • Understand key metrics like CAC, LTV, cash flow

  • This gives you the confidence to invest in growth

Law 4: Anticipate Weak Points (1:02:16)

  • Identify functions likely to break with growth

  • Reinforce those areas in advance

Law 5: Simplicity (1:08:04)

  • Simple systems scale, and complexity cause drag

  • Only add complexity when absolutely needed

Law 6: Understand Risks (1:19:19)

  • Anticipate legal, compliance and other risks

  • As you grow, your exposure increases

Law 7: Build the Team (1:28:48)

  • Sustain growth by elevating team competence

  • Make tough people decisions to strengthen the team

Key Take Aways:

The overarching themes are trusting God, focusing on the right activities, simplifying where possible, and building a capable team. Implementing these principles can help scale a business sustainably.

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