Transform the Man, Transform the Family – Steve Weatherford



This conversation is about the transformative power of embracing God and letting go of worldly desires. The speaker shares his personal story of achieving worldly success but still feeling empty, before having a life-changing encounter with God. He encourages the listeners to surrender fully to God, receive His love and forgiveness, and commit to living with purpose.


Opening prayer – 0:00

Asking God to cultivate and protect the seeds planted in each man and take them out of their comfort zones.


How God can use creative ways to transform people. – 1:00 

  • Talks about the importance of good soil for seeds to grow.

  • Morning workouts brought out the spirits of the men.


Shares Revelations 3:20 about God wanting close fellowship. – 7:00

  • The speaker likens God to a dealmaker who wants to exchange our burdens for blessings.

  • The speaker shares about his family, including his journey with his eldest son.

  • Recounts childhood experiences of feeling rejected and abandoned.

  • How a Power Team concert gave him hope and connection to God.

Early goals are motivated by emptiness and lack of paternal approval. – 17:00

  • Shares about meeting his wife and wanting approval from his dad.

  • Sharing how his dad’s responses caused him to feel worse about himself.

  • Recounts his NFL successes but still feels empty.


The speaker shares his depressing – 26:00 

  • Realization after achieving his goals.

  • Retires from the NFL feeling suicidal and realizing he needs God.


Invitation to a life-changing church. – 30:00 

  • Recounts a prophetically accurate word from the pastor to him.

  • Attended a men’s retreat that reconnected him to a childhood mentor.

  • Revelations from God and his son accepting Christ at the retreat.


Commitment to a year of devotion and training with God. 38:00

  • Seeing radical changes by exchanging burdens for blessings with God.

  • Recent miracles he has witnessed through surrendered faith.

  • Encourages the men to become radical and dangerous for God’s Kingdom.


3 steps: Release, Receive, Commit. – 48:00

  • Shares his ultimate goal of hearing “Well done” from God.

  • Encourages living by commitment not feelings.

  • Shares a poem about the hardness of life, concluding we must choose our hard.


Prayer for men to surrender and commit fully to Christ. – 58:00


Closes in worship and praise. -1:28


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