How to Sell on Webinars and Stages – Collin Boyd


Join us for an insightful Expert Call featuring Collin, a seasoned speaker and presentation expert. In this session, Collin shares valuable tips and strategies for selling from the stage, making it a must-watch for anyone looking to boost their presentation and conversion skills. Learn how to engage your audience effectively and drive your message home.


Masterful Presentation Strategies: Collin, an experienced speaker, provides invaluable insights into the art of selling from the stage. Gain practical techniques to captivate your audience and enhance your presentation skills.

Conversion-Boosting Tactics: Discover proven methods to turn your presentations into powerful conversion tools. Collin’s expertise equips you with the skills needed to drive your message home and elevate your conversion rates.

Engagement Mastery: Learn the secrets of keeping your audience engaged throughout your presentation. Collin’s session offers actionable tips to ensure your message resonates effectively, leaving a lasting impact.

Tailored for All Levels: Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or just starting out, Collin’s advice is applicable to speakers of all levels. Unlock the potential to boost your presentation skills and achieve greater success on stage.

A Must-Watch for Presenters: If you’re serious about taking your presentations to the next level, this Expert Call with Collin is a must-watch. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert in the field of presentation and conversion.


0:00 – 2:28: Reflections on recent events, listener breakthroughs, stewardship, and acknowledging listener influence and referrals.

2:34 – 5:22: Contemplation of life’s struggles, evolution of education, community connections, and the rise of digital learning.

5:30 – 9:46: Importance of networking, investing in relationships, like-minded communities, and self-investment for personal and business growth.

10:05 – 15:22: Tips for effective presentations, personal introductions, starting a coaching business, and gaining clients through presentations.

15:35 – 22:16: Leadership journey, recognizing leaders, and coaching renowned personalities.

23:01 – 27:31: Decision to lead market leaders, coaching Amy Porterfield, and understanding market leadership.

28:10 – 36:54: Identifying your core premise, the role of presentations, and telling conversion stories.

37:08 – 47:33: Infusion selling, the metaphor of dye in water, and the power of conversion stories.

48:19 – 55:30: The concept of vehicles, understanding core premises, and the value of the Conversion Story Formula Course.

55:54 – 1:02:50: Teaching strategies, private clientele, traffic drivers, live events, and conversion events.

1:03:03 – 1:14:21: Strategy shifts, infusion selling, content creation, frameworks, engaging presentations, and broker engagement.

1:14:52 – 1:15:38: Final thoughts, encouragement, and looking forward to future sessions.

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