What it Means to be God’s Businessman- Ryan Pineda


  • Business growth and community culture. 0:00
    • Unknown Speaker discusses how God is bringing people together and stretching them beyond their comfort zones, with a focus on stewardship and net worth growth through smart planning.
    • The speaker shares their excitement about a new member who is eager to join the community and learn from the group, despite not being a good cultural fit at the moment.
  • Creating a community for entrepreneurial wives. 2:25
    • Amanda has been a high performance coach for the speaker, helping them see their potential and push them into their giftings.
    • Amanda has a prophetic gift and has accurately predicted things like pregnancies and dreams, leading to the creation of a successful podcast and events.
    • Unknown Speaker: Wives will be connected to Kings Brothers’ vision and share their expertise spiritually and emotionally, benefiting other women for free.
    • Wives will contribute to their husbands’ marriages and families without being asked, thanks to their newfound understanding.
    • The speaker’s wife feels called to serve the community after 11 years, adding a unique dynamic to Kings Brothers.
  • Leveraging influence and content for business growth. 8:24
    • Ryan Panetta is a respected figure in the kingdom due to his character and influence.
    • Ryan and Christian entrepreneurs are leveraging content to build up the kingdom and drive new customers for their businesses.
  • Using influence for Christ in the business world. 10:46
    • Nick was encouraged by a message from God to be more bold on social media, realizing that few Christian entrepreneurs are setting a good example for young believers.
    • Nick recognized the need for a Christian business owner to be a positive influence in the space, as few are doing so and even fewer are doing it well.
    • Unknown Speaker: Rich entrepreneurs are hard to reach with spiritual messages, so I’ve used my secular success to gain authority and share the Gospel.
    • Unknown Speaker: Many of us are driven by worldly goals, but what kind of goals are important in the Kingdom of God?
  • Leveraging social media for business and faith. 16:30
    • Unknown Speaker discusses leveraging social media for business and faith, initially as a business decision but later feeling convicted to use influence for God’s purpose.
    • Speaker shares how they balance creating business content with elements of faith, feeling called to use platform for God’s work despite not forcing it on others.
  • Following God’s path for success in business. 19:43
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their journey of success, realizing that it’s not about achieving specific goals but rather following God’s path in the present moment.
    • Unknown Speaker shares their transformation from hating real estate to building a successful business in the industry, despite initial resistance and a lack of followers on social media.
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on God’s calling in their life, from playing professional baseball to creating content on social media, and how it has led to unexpected success and growth.
    • The speaker shares how their past experiences, including baseball, have prepared them for the challenges of social media and entrepreneurship, and how God has been strengthening them for this season.
  • Career, faith, and obedience. 25:49
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their baseball career and how it prepared them for a mindset of urgency in business, with a focus on obedience and using their past experiences for good.
    • The speaker shares how they moved to Austin and connected with a different church than they expected, highlighting God’s guidance and direction despite initial doubts and challenges.
  • Hearing from God through practical methods. 28:42
    • The speaker shares how they hear from God through practical ways, such as spending time with Him and understanding His beliefs.
    • The speaker encourages listeners to distinguish between God’s voice and their own thoughts by considering how God would communicate with them, just as they would with their earthly father.
    • Unknown Speaker emphasizes importance of Scripture in understanding God’s will.
    • Unknown Speaker: God wants us to speak with other humans about God and sharpen each other, but how can we understand His gifts if we’re not having constant conversations?
    • Unknown Speaker: Praying and listening to God can lead to confirmation from trusted people in our lives, providing clarity and direction.
  • Prioritizing God in busy lives. 35:36
    • Unknown Speaker emphasizes the importance of intentionally seeking God through prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual practices to hear from Him more clearly.
    • The speaker shares their personal experience of growing in tune with the Holy Spirit through sanctification, leading to more frequent and clear spiritual guidance.
    • Unknown Speaker: “I want to prepare myself even before bigger opportunities.”
    • Unknown Speaker: “The only reason you have that debate in your head is because you have a lack of priorities.”
  • Prioritizing work and Bible study. 41:23
    • The speaker values work over Bible study, prioritizing their schedule accordingly.
    • Unknown Speaker discusses prioritizing Bible study despite busy schedule.
  • Prioritizing life’s important things. 44:52
    • Unknown Speaker prioritizes time with God and workout over sales meeting, recognizing the importance of non-negotiables in life.
    • Speaker emphasizes the need for foundational pieces of life to become non-negotiables, like avoiding temptations or recovering from addiction, to change everything in one’s life.
    • Unknown Speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping commitments to oneself, not just others, and provides examples from personal experience and Deion Sanders’ leadership style.
    • Unknown Speaker encourages listeners to unmute themselves and ask questions during Power Hour, citing the importance of honoring time and engaging in rapid-fire discussions.
  • Monetizing social media content and audience demand. 50:08
    • Unknown Speaker discusses monetizing their social media business beyond AdSense, considering their audience’s demands and potential products to create.
    • Unknown Speaker’s content production schedule has evolved over time, with a focus on podcasts and refined systems for efficient content creation.
  • Prioritizing content creation and maintaining authenticity. 53:05
    • Host prioritizes family time over podcast recording schedule, resulting in flexible scheduling and last-minute adjustments.
    • The speaker prioritizes sharing the gospel and being authentic over appeasing algorithms.
    • Unknown Speaker emphasizes the importance of having no fear of failure, even in the worst-case scenario, by highlighting their resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks.
    • The speaker shares their mindset of accepting the worst-case scenario and using it to make decisions, citing their faith, skills, relationships, and influence as assets that will help them recover from any loss.
  • Strategically designing content to hedge against “canceled culture” and maintain freedom. 59:31
    • Unknown Speaker discusses how to strategically design content and structure to hedge against “canceled culture” and maintain freedom, motivated by fear of loss rather than prospect of gain.
    • Speaker shares their personal mindset of being the best in various endeavors, with God guiding them, and consistently proving themselves through setbacks and successes.
  • Overcoming setbacks and maintaining faith. 1:02:32
    • Unknown Speaker shares their experience of overcoming setbacks in life and business, emphasizing the importance of having a different mindset and being open to new opportunities.
    • The speaker highlights their ability to adapt and diversify their businesses, even in the face of cancellation or financial hits, by leveraging their skills and knowledge.
    • Unknown Speaker shares their perspective on dealing with cancellations and setbacks, emphasizing the importance of faith and trust in God’s plan.
    • The speaker encourages viewers to take a picture and share a takeaway from the video, with the goal of building an event for those who are struggling with similar challenges.
  • Personal growth and connection. 1:08:08
    • Unknown Speaker expresses excitement about upcoming event and new speaker, Ryan, who is “the nicest guy” and “crushed it.”
    • Unknown Speaker looks forward to getting to know Ryan better and is excited about the event’s planned activities.
    • Unknown Speaker is excited for an upcoming event where women can connect with other like-minded individuals and gain perspective (18 words)
    • The event will be transformative for attendees and may even challenge them to see their breakthroughs (13 words)

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