Leadership Lesson: Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon crushes this talk about leadership, purpose and building a positive mindset.  Through a profound quote from Dr. David Jeremiah, Jon encourages us to embrace success by aligning with God’s purpose and discovering our unique greatness amidst challenges. Drawing from his experiences working with sports teams, Jon emphasizes the power of unity in achieving remarkable success. Let us embark on this collective journey of resilience and divine purpose, guided by Jon’s wisdom, towards the fulfillment of God’s plan for our lives.

[01;32] Unforeseen Journeys: From Security Pat-Downs to Inspiring Success Stories
[05;36] Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Oneness
[10;07] Overcoming Doubt, Distortion, and Discouragement
[15;06] Tuning into Positivity: Overcoming Distractions and Embracing Truth
[22;59] Harnessing Positivity: Overcoming Negativity and Embracing Our True Potential
[27;41] The Power of ‘I Am’: Elevating Our Lives with Faith and Purpose
[31;08] Walking with God: A Path to Wholeness and Healing
[35;00] Inviting God: Healing, Wholeness, and Oneness in Relationships
[41;23] Embracing Oneness and Purpose: Rediscovering the Power Within
[46;26] Embracing Oneness: Healing, Wholeness, and God’s Plan
[52;03] The Transformative Power of Renewal and Healing
[56;41] Prayer: Removing Inflammation and Embracing God’s Plan
[1;00;38] Unveiling God’s Plan: Jon Gordon’s Transformative Message and Book
[1;05;37] A Journey of Sharing and Connection
[1;10;22] Embracing God’s Plan: Overcoming Loneliness, Finding Purpose, and Restoring Family
[1;17;41] Finding Balance and Purpose in Life’s Demands
[01;24;31 ] Insights on Leadership, Unity, and Relationship Grit: Wisdom from Jon Gordon
This series of timestamps explores a transformative journey of overcoming challenges, embracing unity, and finding purpose through faith and connection with God. It highlights the power of positivity, overcoming doubt and negativity, and the role of prayer in aligning with God’s plan. It offers insights on leadership, relationship resilience, and the importance of balance and purpose in navigating life’s demands, ultimately emphasizing personal growth, healing, and the significance of embracing oneness and God’s transformative plan.

Jon’s Positive University Podcast – www.positiveuniversity.com  

9 Practices that Make Great Leaders Great – www.jongordon.com/9practices 

3 Videos to Help Build a Stronger Team – www.buildastrongerteam.com 

Positive Leadership Self-Assessment – www.powerofpositiveleadership.com 

5 Commitments of Great Teams – www.jongordon.com/5commitments 

7 Step Positive You Plan – www.jongordon.com/plan 

No Complaining Challenge Kit – www.jongordon.com/ncrchallenge  

Jon’s daily positive quote – http://dailypositive.com/ 


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