Daniel Grothe- The power of community

Daniel Grothe

King’s Brotherhood Elite –  Zoom Meeting Notes

[10:46] Story: Two friends, Jack and Ronald, met twice a week for six years. They were professors and would workshop each other’s writing. Despite arguments, they remained close. Their relationship was based on the proverb “wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.”

[13:57] The first problem in scripture, which was loneliness. Adam had everything he needed but he lacked human companionship. The text emphasizes the importance of friendship and covenantal communion, not just in marriage, but in all aspects of life. The author encourages the reader to write down the phrase Covenantal communion” and mentions a book they wrote called “The Power of Place Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age.”

[18:15] The author wrote a book called “The Power of Place, Choosing Stability and a Rootless Age”. He takes us back to the year 500 when Saint Benedict called on the church to take vows of charity, chastity, and obedience. Benedict’s call to take vows changed the trajectory of the church and woke it up after a period of falling asleep. The church spent the first 300-350 years sorting out creeds and rebuking heresies. The Nicene Creed was written in 325 and remains the statement of faith for the church.

[20:05] The importance of the vow of stability in Christianity, which is the commitment to a people and place in order to effect meaningful change. The text highlights the threats to living this vow, which include blatant individualism, dizzying busyness, and pathological avoidance of conflict. The author encourages the formation of a covenantal community, like the Kings Brotherhood, as a means of living out this vow and overcoming these threats.

[26:07] The speaker discusses the importance of committing to a covenant community in order to live the vow of stability. He shares his personal experiences of going through difficult times, such as a scandal involving the founding senior pastor and a shooting at the church. Despite the temptation to leave and start fresh elsewhere, he and his wife chose to stay and prioritize what matters most to them, such as being present for their children. The speaker emphasizes the importance of developing holy rhythms and calendering to make time for what matters most and to live the life God has called us to live.  

[43:50] The conversation is about the importance of community and the dangers of individualism. The speaker challenges the notion that success means not needing anyone else and highlights the story of a famous actor who achieved everything he wanted but found himself deeply lonely. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having friends and community, and encourages the practice of gracious truth telling, developing holy rhythms, and committing to a covenant community.

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