Nicholas Bayerle: How to Double Sales


  • What is your revenue goal? 0:00

    • Building a biblical business, not just to do business, but to grow the business.

    • Revenue goal, what is your core product, and how many units do you need to sell.

    • One of the first things john michael had to do when he started running multi-day live events, and how it was difficult for him to see anything change in his business.

    • It takes exponential focus on core projects to see an area grow inside the business.

  • Selling to you every day. 3:11

    • If god multiplies your business and puts his hand inside of your company, you will be overwhelmed with clients.

    • It will always be easier to sell a service product and a done for you product than to sell an educational product.

  • The next phase of growth. 6:02

    • The next phase is to invest the year in fulfillment, getting the best speakers in the world, and running events.

    • The first step is to have the process in place to grow.

    • God blesses the business. The process that works today increases revenue, but also sets a foundation for god.

    • What is the impossible for bill, joshua, brad and Brad.

  • How do we audit this business? 9:10

    • The next phase is how to audit this. This came from Cynthia, throwing him under the bus.

    • One of the exercises that he does with people inside of these vip days is to deconstruct the best month that they’ve ever done and what the revenue would be.

    • How to figure out the best way to generate leads, from yellow pages, angie’s list to facebook ads and from his shout-out.

    • The best thing to do instead of focusing on one thing is to have an opportunity right in front of you.

  • How to audit your lead generation strategies. 14:35

    • Write down all the ways that you’ve been generating leads in the business and figure out where the majority of the business is coming from and which ones are not working.

    • Ask yourself the same questions to see an improvement in the people in your nurture sequences.

  • The importance of sending out an email every quarter. 17:08

    • The nine word email being sent out every quarter, as early as once a month. Nine word emails are derived from a guy who sold real estate and another guy that sold the ox.

    • The easiest way to do it is to send out nine letters.

  • Double down on what is working. 19:58

    • How to double down on what is working and deconstruct what is not, and how it leads to the best month.

    • The billion dollar brotherhood live events.

    • He was able to get on the phone and over-deliver or serve a $300 person where they were asking him why he was doing an onboarding call.

    • He wanted them in for five years. He was looking at lifetime value and what he needed to do.

    • In the sales process right now, what is working best for you guys in your sales process is the landing page.

    • The number one way that you sell is over the phone, in-person or via Zoom or webinars, and how to scale that process.

  • The difference between offer a product and service. 25:50

    • The difference between offer a product and service, offer a certainty of outcome, and if you can give someone more certainty of outcomes, they will instantly pay you more.

    • The billion dollar sales master course, and how to make it an offer instead of a product.

  • Retention resell upsell and upsell. 28:44

    • Retention, resell and upsell. The last one is to give them more certainty that doesn’t cost them more money. It makes them feel more comfortable.

    • The next call is to share what’s working for them and how can they execute on those things at a higher level.

  • What’s working right now. 31:07

    • The one thing that is working right now, if the company does any type of content, that is a video one thing they just added that is so stupid, it’s working.

    • One of their friends is doing a million dollars a month from this.

    • Birds of a feather flock together, how to reach out to past and current clients to generate a customer.

    • How to make sure that you have the core objectives for your sales planned out for your people.

    • Next week, power hour will talk about the best way to run a business and how to make it more run and run with momentum.

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