Brandon Turner: Real Estate Investing 101

[00:00-02:50] Introduction and Overview
[02:51-08:00] Brandon’s Real Estate Podcast Journey
[08:01-12:50] Niche Selection and Specificity in Content
[12:51-15:45] Balancing Real Estate and Instagram Content
[15:46-21:30] Transitioning Between Different Business Ventures
[21:31-26:10] The Importance of Focusing on One Thing
[26:11-32:30] Strategies for Scaling and Affiliate Agreements
[32:31-37:20] Finding Tangential Influencers for Partnerships
[37:21-43:00] House Hacking and Real Estate Investment Tips
[43:01-47:30] The Power of Long-Term Real Estate Holding
[47:31-52:15] Using Real Estate to Fund Education
[52:16-55:45] Property Ownership for Family Financial Planning
[55:46-59:15] Reflecting on Building Influence and Impact
[59:16-01:02:30] The Power of Sharing Personal Testimonies
[01:02:31-01:07:10] Family and Faith: A Conversation of Healing
[01:07:11-01:11:30] Prayer for Physical Healing and Island Protection
[01:11:31-01:16:30] Wrapping Up and Future Plans
[01:16:31-01:30:37] Closing Remarks and Farewell

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