Adel Sayegh: Shifting your perspective during hard times


In this expert call, Adel Sayegh, a successful business leader, shared his insights on integrating faith and business. He emphasized the significance of aligning one’s business goals with God’s purpose, illustrating how his personal journey of overcoming challenges in business was closely tied to his faith journey. Adel stressed the importance of building strong relationships and surrounding oneself with the right people, as well as the power of embracing failures as opportunities for growth.

Adel discussed the transformative effects of prioritizing faith in decision-making, explaining how trust in God’s timing and surrendering control can lead to positive outcomes. He highlighted the significance of gratitude and maintaining a positive mindset, even in challenging situations. Adel shared practical steps to infuse faith into business practices and interactions, fostering a culture of integrity and ethical conduct.

[00:00-01:25] Introduction and Importance of Prioritizing Faith
[01:26-04:20] Background and Overcoming Challenges in Business
[04:21-08:05] Building Strong Relationships and Surrounding Yourself with Right People
[08:06-12:58] Understanding the Importance of Faith in Business Success
[12:59-17:15] Aligning Business Goals with God’s Will and Purpose
[17:16-22:05] Embracing Challenges and Seeing Failure as a Learning Opportunity
[22:06-26:58] How Faith Can Impact Decision-Making and Overcoming Fear
[26:59-31:25] Balancing Faith, Family, and Business Responsibilities
[31:26-36:42] Trusting God’s Timing and Surrendering Control
[36:43-41:12] Strategies for Navigating Business Ethics and Integrity
[41:13-45:30] Incorporating Faith into Business Practices and Interactions
[45:31-49:55] The Power of Gratitude and Developing a Positive Mindset
[49:56-54:45] Overcoming Self-Doubt and Recognizing God’s Plan
[54:46-59:24] Practical Steps for Maintaining a Strong Faith in Business
[59:25-01:04:45] Transformative Effects of Relying on God’s Guidance
[01:04:46-01:08:10] Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Aligning Purpose: Integrating faith and business involves aligning business goals with God’s purpose, allowing for a meaningful impact beyond financial success.

Embracing Failures: Viewing failures as opportunities for growth and learning can lead to resilience and success, ultimately guiding individuals closer to their goals.

Trust and Surrender: Trusting in God’s timing and surrendering control over outcomes can alleviate stress and uncertainty in business decisions, leading to better results.

Positive Mindset: Cultivating a positive mindset, coupled with gratitude, can influence one’s perspective and contribute to overall success in both personal and professional life.

Ethical Practices: Infusing faith into business practices promotes integrity, ethical behavior, and fostering positive relationships, contributing to sustainable growth.

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