Getting Your Time Freedom Back- Austin Netzley


In an insightful and empowering Expert Call, Austin Netzley, a recognized authority in entrepreneurship, productivity, and business optimization, engaged in a dynamic conversation with Nicholas Bayerle. This call centered on the critical aspects of regaining control of one’s time, systematizing businesses, and achieving sustained growth, offering a wealth of valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders.


[00:00-00:52] Introduction and Acknowledgments
[00:53-03:44] The Importance of Being Intentional with Your Time
[03:45-07:23] Developing a Morning Routine for Success
[07:24-10:17] Leveraging Time Blocks for Maximum Productivity
[10:18-13:42] The Power of Setting Clear Goals
[13:43-16:49] Balancing Work, Family, and Personal Time
[16:50-20:34] The Role of Accountability in Achieving Goals
[20:35-24:10] Strategies for Handling Client Interactions and Team Communication
[24:11-26:56] Maintaining Control and Structure in Client Relationships
[26:57-29:38] Establishing Meeting Cadences and Managing Team Questions
[29:39-33:11] Reducing Reactivity and Implementing a 72-Hour Rule
[33:12-37:24] Shifting Company Culture to Reduce Reactivity
[37:25-42:06] Delegating Sales Management and Ensuring a Smooth Transition
[42:07-44:17] Challenges and Pitfalls as You Gain More Time Freedom
[44:18-47:29] Staying Engaged as the CEO of Your Business
[47:30-51:25] Creating a Buffer Between Clients and Yourself for Better Efficiency
[51:26-52:46] Acknowledgments and Closing Remarks


Structured Routines for Productivity: Implementing daily routines and cadences can enhance productivity and reduce stress, allowing you to accomplish more with ease.
Systematize Your Business: Creating efficient systems and processes is vital for scalability, reducing reliance on individual efforts, and fostering adaptability.
Effective Leadership and Delegation: Empower your team by setting clear expectations and roles, fostering accountability, and promoting a culture of responsibility.
Reduce Reactivity: Set client and team expectations regarding response times and meeting schedules to create a more proactive and efficient work environment.
Maintain Focus on Growth: While delegating tasks, never lose sight of your role as a leader and the importance of nurturing your business’s core values and mission.

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