KAELIN POULIN: How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

  • Sales doesn’t happen by accident; It’s strategic.
  • Double your closing rates through what she’s going to share

A pitch does NOT: 

  • teach action steps to apply
  • Teach why the product is amazing
  • Overview the product
  • Tell them how to actually do it
  • A good sales presentation will tell make them think to themselves I’m doing everything wrong

What you SHOULD (and shouldn’t) do: 

  • Use a lot of visuals (not too much text on slides) 
  • Relate on level 1 (don’t talk “expert”) 
  • Increase pain and sell them on their dream (don’t teach them)
  • Be strategic and use data (don’t just go off what you think) 
  • Make it conversational (don’t talk “at” them)
  • Always be trial closing (ex: are you guys getting this?), don’t ask “no” questions

The Perfect Pitch

  • Prequalify
  • Attract the customer that you want (right demographic, age, income bracket, etc)
  • The qualifiers for “the perfect customer” should be everywhere (marketing, webinar titles, ads, etc).
  • This can be done in variables such as: their identity, their wants, their #1 obstacles, and their failures e.g the 3 secrets to losing weight while having a demanding career …
  • Consider factors like their demographic, lifestyle, and career 
  • Consider what they want the most. e.g endless leads, to scale their business, passive income, weight loss, etc

The Set

  • Assume their identity.
  •  Make assumptions about who they are that aligns them with who your best customers are
  • Give borrowed confidence (e.g. I love working with people like you who are action takers! Or You’re serious about investing in yourself and are ready to take that next step or I love that you’re not afraid to invest in your business like other people)
  • The free gift hook
  • give them a reason to stay// what’s in it for them? Secure their attention and incentivize them
  • Extract their pains & dreams
  • reveal their pain, reveal their goal, reveal their why (why do you even want that?), reveal their dream (how would your life look different?)
  • Story mirror
  • mirror your story to theirs (what pains/dreams are in your story that they could relate to?) Always speak on their level
  • Conversational trial closes
  • have you ever felt like this? Have you ever thought that
  • Edify personal & group successes. 
  • Always make your success seem attainable to them

Overcoming Objections

  • Expose the truth about the #1 objection 
  • External: the thing they blame and use as an excuse to not do it (I can’t afford it)
  • Internal: their belief around their ability to do it (I don’t have time; i’m not a camera person
  • Vehicle: they don’t believe that’s the right way to get there (I don’t believe in sharing equity in a business or I can figure it out all by myself or I believe everything should be done in-house) 
  • Make their objection their number one problem 
  • E.g. I know there are a lot of scams out there..
  • Tell a story or an analog
  • We remember stories better
  • Tell the correct strategy to use
  • E.g find a weight loss professional to help you collapse time and avoid unnecessary pain, struggle, and failure
  • You don’t sell them here, you’re just addressing objections. You want the idea to come to them on their own
  • Do what you actually want to do (e.g. eat what your body needs but also what you’re going to enjoy
  • You can’t be the coach and the player at the same time
  • Break down their belief that they can do it themselves
  • When level of accountability goes up, the level of results go up
  • Ask permission (can I share some testimonials/pictures/etc  from some others who have done this program and succeeded?)
  • Mirror testimonies 
  • Don’t just pick your best testimony, pick the testimony that they can best relate to (they don’t care about what they don’t relate to)
  • Highlight parts of the story they’ll relate to
  • Don’t use videos; use social proof if you have it
  • The identity shift
  • Separate “us” from “them”

The Stack

  • Solutions to each pain you exposed
  • Named according to its solution 
  • Described by its use case, not function
  • Has a visual, showing its use case 
  • Always include a free bonus (make it amazing)

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